New 2500PA Robot Smart Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Auto Recharge Floor Sweeping Cleaning Alexa For Home Vacuum Cleaner




Product Paremeters

Smart One-click C1. Planning type, with mop, matching tmall genie, with app mobile phone control
2. 4 cleaning modes, smart chip sensitive calculation
3. Planning, no missing corners
4. 26cm super large mop, convenient and fast, fiber cotton material, strong water lock, no leakage to protect the floor
5. Constant pressure floating, wet and dry
6. Double side brush design – two way ash accumulation, refuse unilateral cleaning
7. Charging: 4-5 hours, working about 90 minutes
8. The sweeping area is 20-45 flat
9. Climb 2cm obstacles
10. Eight claw side brush, nylon material
11. Volume 55 dB
12. Sweeping, Mopping and Suction
13. Color: black gray, ivory white
14.Product+color box weight:2.1kg
15. Dust box: about 350ml
16. Battery capacity: 2000mAh
17. Working voltage: 3.7V
18. Working hours: 60-90 minutes
19. Suction: 2500Pa
20. Cleaning area: 150 square meters
21. Automatic recharge
22. Breakpoint continuous cleaningleaning

Product List

Color box x 1
Robot sweeping x1
Charger, cord x1
Rechargeable base x1
Dust box x1
Mop x1
Brush x2
Pallet x1

A6 Model

1、Intelligent planning of sweeping robots

2、Smart app control

3、Automatically return to charging

4、Climbing obstacles

APP Control/Voice controls

Intelligent linkage

Convenient operation

Support alexa, google speakers, only 2.4Ghz WIFI

Automatic return to charge,fast battery life

automatically return to charging in the state of lack of power

1、Low battery ,return to automatic charging

2、work is completed ,return to automatic charging

Path planning, multiple cleaning modes,

Be regular and don’t run around

1、Bow-shaped cleaning mode

2、Edge cleaning mode

3、Automatic cleaning mode

4、Focus cleaning mode

2500PA Large Suction

The suction of the 3 gear can be switched freely to meet various cleaning requirements

1、Quiet gear cleaning dust and hair

2、Standard gear clean the paper scraps and melon seeds

3、Powerful gear clean soybean stains

Clean up the big particles and make your home cleaner

Strong absorbent fiber structure, Inverted hook water material design, fiber layer is easier to clean up dust

*After the test, it can remove shredded paper, hair, cigarette butts, seeds, biscuits, etc.

Strong absorbent fiber structure

Wet and dry mop the floor as you wish

Sweep and suction one

two ways to clean the ground to make the ground cleaner

1、Sweep,raise dust and stubborn garbage the side brush runs at high speed to raise dust quickly

2、Suck ,dust and hair have nowhere to escape,strong suction power will all the dust and dirt


The off-road wheel can easily handle the bumps and bumps on the ground, so that the cleaning can go smoothly without fear

Right angle step crossing 18° obstacle

Intelligent anti-drop use more at ease

Equipped with a down-view sensor to bring safer protection to the robot

Low noise design

Effectively reduce noise when the machine is operating

Product Paremeters

A6 new sweeping robot









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