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The breakthrough design of ROIDMI EVA is the combination of a dust collection base and an automatic mop cleaning module in one. The extra-large dust bag is big enough to collect dust for60days. The4Llarge-capacity water tank separates clean water from dirty water. The self-cleaning feature on ROIDMI Eva can wash the mop automatically to keep it sanitary, before returning to the spot it left off to continue mopping and vacuuming. Also the soft wind feature helps to quick-dry the mop to prevent mildew and odor.

ROIDMI EVA comes with a mopself-cleaning system. It auto-detects mops’ dirtiness periodically and returns to the base for fast cleaning. It sprays the dirty mops with clean water by a built-in pump and the mops speedy spin to scrape against a washboard to remove captured dirt, which then passes through the absorption system before being stored as wastewater. After that, vortex strong wind will be blowing out to fast dry the mops automatically to prevent germs, bacteria, mildew and odor. Then, returns to the spot it left off to resume its floor cleaning duties once the self-cleaning process is done.

2-in-1 vacuum and mop, ROIDMI EVA wet and dry automatic robotic vacuum give you 2 ways to clean in 1 revolutionary robot. Support3modes – “vacuuming and mopping mode”, “vacuuming mode”, “mopping mode”. Multiple cleaning modes satisfy your different cleaning needs and handle different situations.3200Pahigh suction superpower leaves no residual dust. The4-inch high-speed large mops cover the large floor perfectly without missing any corner. Moreover, the12Npressurized large mops help to remove stubborn spots and stains from the floors in an instant.

Stronger suction means a deeper clean, but too strong hits battery life and cleaning range. ROIDMI EVA, topping out at3200Pa, is powerful enough to rid hardwood floors of light dust, dirt and pet hair accumulations, and pull them out of carpets. It can cover up to200 sqmin a single charge. 
Good navigation is essential for the robot vacuum to effectively cover all areas, get rid of many traps and pitfalls, and avoid losing track. The360° omnidirectional LDS navigation systemof ROIDMI EVA is highly praised for its accuracy which can work effectively even in the dark.

A unique and innovative design of ROIDMI EVA by adding a smartLED color display screenon the base station, allows you to monitor the cleaning status anytime promptly. And there is a corresponding animation that illustrates every function. One-hand control your ROIDMI EVA effortlessly, either inside or outside the network.


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