New Original Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Induction Foaming Hand Washer Wash Automatic Soap 0.25s Infrared Sensor For Smart Homes In Stock


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Features and specifications

Product name: Automatic Hand Washer Dispenser
Products include: Hand washing device X1
Function: Near-field infrared sensor, rapid bubble generation in 0.25 seconds
Features: small size, installation-free; splash-proof; environmentally friendly material
Top notes: green apples, berries, lemons
Body Fragrance: Rose, Jasmine, Bergamot
Base: Sandalwood
* This product is antibacterial.


Mljia automatic mobile phone set

Stretch out the bubble antibacterial effect

Free of contact, more hygienic/99.9% effective antibacterial

Plant essence, moisturizing and comfortable

Mljla automatic mobile phone set

Won 2018 excellent design award

(Good Design Award)

As a non-contact automatic soap dispenser, it still maintains the most effective cleaning effect under the condition of more

time and water saving Its compact, minimalist, low-key design style can be perfectly integrated with any bathroom or kitchen,

providing users with a high-quality, elegant hand washing experience

Automatic Induction bubble. no need to press

Care for the health of the whole family

Protect your family’s health by starting with a new way of washing your hands

Now, just stretch out your hand, the rich and dense foam can help you clean your hands effectively while providing gentle

protection Affinity bubbles, so that children at home can fall in love with washing their hands

Micron-grade rich foam

Penetrate to pores, deep cleansing

Reasonably control the foaming ratio of gas to liquid to 12: 1, and then pass through a bipolar separation foam screen with

a micron pore size to form a three-dimensional foam with strong adhesion. The fine, dense foam can better cover the skin

epidermis, reach the fine pores, and hieve deep cleansing

Effectively inhibit daily bacteria

Antibacterial rate up to 99. 9%

Authoritative laboratory tests have proven that it can effectively inhibit common bacteria such as Escherichia coli,

Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans, with a deduction rate of 99.9%.and effectively protect the health of the family.

Slightly acidic formula, close to skin PH

Mild skin-friendly, not tight

Choose a slightly acidic formula that is close to the PH of human skin, and not break the PH balance of the skin for long term

use but also make the hands soft and smooth. Glycerin, which has the function of hydrating and moisturizing, is prepared with

natural oils and fats as a mild texture

Natural plant essence, fresh and pleasant

Antibacterial, moisturizing, two optional

Fragrance contains French MR natural plant extracts. Mia automatic hand washing mobile phone set comes standard with a

hand sanitizer as a bacteriostatic model, and a moisturzing amino acid model Is sold separately.


Effectively inhibits daily bacteria and provides health and safety care for the family. Its scent is a floral blend with berries,

coupled with a fresh citrus fragrance The rich layers make the aroma more youthful while pampering, as if it is pleasant and

fresh during a long holiday.

Amino AcidIt

uses natural coconut oil as a raw material and has a mild texture. It is also specially added with amino acid raw materials for

long-lasting moisturization without tension. The fragrance is scented by Qing Linglan with a slightly sweet orange flower

aroma. The texture is mild. The fruity moisture and freshness set off the Water-like rhyme

Reasonable amount of bubbles, a bottle for a longer time

Reasonable control of the amount of foam. while the rich foam cleans hands, it is easier to rinse without foam residue 320ml

large-capacy itdesign, can be used 400 times, to meet the needs of a family for 50davs

Micro hiah efficiency motor

Low power consumption, quieter

The selected miniature high-efficiency motor and its rubber shock-absorbing structure not only have high bubble generation

efficiency, but also will not be disturbed by noise during use.Intelligent light-sensing design,while reducing power consumption,

4AA batteries can meet the  family’s use for 9 months

Classic minimalist desian

Small size. suitable for all kinds of environments

Continue the classic minimalist design style of M-ijia, which can be easily integrated into bathroom, kitchens and other

environments.The hand sanitizer bottle body is made of high-grade frosted clear and clean can check the use at any time

With the World Health Organization

Develop a good habit of washing hands


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