New NEATSVOR S600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Laser Navigation 6000PA Dust Bag Automatic Dust Collection System Smart Home



Automatic dust collection

No need to manually clean the dust box
Throw once a month
2.8L large dust bag, can be discarded after use

After cleaning, clean the dust box automatically , and integrate sweeping, mopping and dumping of garbage, which completely frees hands

With the 90-degree shorter dust collection path, the garbage can be quickly extracted

2.8L large-capacity dust bag, thrown out once a month, convenient and sanitary

Sealed design
No dust, no dirty hands
2.8L large capacity
Replace every 30 days

Efficient dust collection

1000W powerful dust collection, thorough cleaning.
Collect dust box garbage in 15 seconds, carry away dust in a bag, and clean up efficiently.

360° global cruise and scanning
Faster cleaning speed, higher cleaning coverage
AI path planning algorithm
Japan-Imported brushless motor

With complete new LDS laser scanning system, faster rotate speed and better precision, Generate maps to position accurately with high coverage of the whole house to clean

With 6000PA hurricane suction, conduct deep cleaning

Three levels of suction,large or small particles, easy to deal with

Customize the cleaning area,clean anywhere you want

Real-time display of home map on APP, can independently define cleaning areas no matter the bedroom or a small space just by defining an area to be focused on

Area cleaning
Pocket virtual wall
clean anywhere you want

350ML constant voltage control water tank,3 block water volume adjustment

Basic wet mopping
Normal wet mopping
Deep wet mopping

Automatically recharge, support Breakpoint resume

Before completing cleaning, if the battery is low, it will automatically go to recharge and after the battery is full, it will come back to the original position and continue to clean until it finishes the Remaining work

Gen 4.0 LDS Laser navigation
Overcome 20mm obstacles
Connected with Alexa and Google home voice assistant
LDS pressure sensoring
OTA Online Upgrade
Voice Service


We provide 3-year warranty service. Some countries enjoy 15 days no reason return. If your machine has a problem, first provide a video to my technical team. We will give a solution based on the actual situation .we will return robot to the repair shop or replace the related accessories

Delivery & Repair Service

Fast and Convenient Logistics from Overseas Warehouse
we have overseas warehouses in Russia,Spain,France,Poland,Czech Republic,Ukraine,the United States,Australia,Brazil,Enjoy the fastest and most convenient local logistics service,Customers donnot need to pay any taxes from them

1. To the liking of all other similar robots, the robot vacuum cleaner can not work on the black floor, If your carpet has large areas of black, it will be tacitly approved to be an obstacle and avoid this area because it thinks it is a precipice . Glue these photoreceptors with black / white / reddish brown tape, it will work normally on the black carpet.

2. The robot is designed with double anti-collision, infrared detection and front bumper. The walls and furniture are dark, the dark color will absorb the infrared, the infrared will be invisible and will depend on the frontal impact sensor.

3. European plug adapter (2-pin round pin). Most countries in Europe, most African countries, most countries in the Middle East, South Korea, Chile, Paraguay, etc.US plug adapter(2-pin flat pin).United State,Canada,most North and South American countries,Japan,Philippines,Thailand etc

4.we have Overseas warehouse ,if it is shiped from these warehouse ,it is no tax need to pay ,if send from China,tax is according to your customs


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