New Lenovo Bone Conduction Earphones X3 X4 X5 X3 Pro Bluetooth Hifi Ear hook Wireless Headset with Mic Waterproof Earbud



Lenovo Bone Conduction Earphones

Please note:
Lenovo X3 is IPX45 waterproof, Built-in Loudspeaker, Not a Bone Conduction Headphone

Lenovo X3Pro is IPX56 waterproof, Built-in Bluetooth 5.3, Bone Conduction Headphone
Lenovo X4 is IPX56 waterproof, cannot be used for swimming, no storage, Bone Conduction Headphone
Lenovo X5 is IPX8 waterproof, can be used for swimming, with 8G storage MP3 Player, Bone Conduction Headphone




1. Advanced bone conduction technology and Open-Ear design deliver music through your cheekbones, keeping you connected and aware of your surroundings and pain-free wearing for all-day listening.


2.The latest BT 5.0 technology bring faster wireless paring with your device and more stable connection with ultra-low latency.


3.Equipped with innovative compound diaphragm and metal moving coil, deliver a premium audio experience with a wide dynamic range and rich bass.


4.Microphone with CVC noise reduction technology for HD call and clear music listening experience even in a noisy environment.


5.Titanium wraparound headbands are lightweight and flexible to ensure maximum comfort during extended wear.


6.Widely compatible with Android/iOS smartphone, PC, Tablet with BT function.


X3 Pro:

1. Lenovo X3 Pro BT headset true bone conduction, all sound is produced by patented vibrator. Truly achieve the ideal effect of not damaging the eardrum.

2. 16MM Large moving unit, upgrade the sound quality again and make the sound more penetrating

3. BT 5.3 technology bring faster paring with your device and more stable connection with ultra-low latency.

4. With ergonomic on-ear design, only 25g in weight, super stable and o sense of weight wearing experience.

5. Seven Hour lasting endurance to meet your using needs, IP56 Sports waterproof, effectively reduce sound leakage



1. True bone conduction, no speaker, internal vibration and sound;

2. IP56 grade is waterproof and dust proof, which can prevent sweat from penetrating during exercise;

3. It is made of high-strength titanium alloy, which can be bent at will at 360°, resisting compression and breaking without deformation for a long time;

4. Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 third-generation technology upgrade, more stable transmission;

5. 8 hours of super battery life, about 2 hours of charging time;

6. Charging input: 5V/500mA, battery capacity: 150mAh.



1. Excellent IPX8 waterproof performance


2. Built-in 8GB memory: you can listen without connecting to a mobile phone and store 1500 songs.


3. The sound quality has been improved, and the bone conduction sound quality has been optimised, bringing a different stereo listening experience.


4. Hygiene: Bone conduction earphones do not enter the ears, which is very helpful for maintaining the internal hygiene of the ears.


5. Bone conduction opens both ears, ensuring the possibility of using headphones in dangerous situations. Open both ears, you can also notice the changes in the surrounding environment while using the earphones, making it safer to use.





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Lenovo Bone Conduction Earphones


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