New ILIFE V8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wet Mop Navigation Planned Cleaning Large Dustbin Water Tank Schedule Household Tools



ILIFE V8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Intelligent cleaning

The intelligent i-Move navigation system and award- winning i-Dropping system make V8 Plus an efficient and methodical dry and wet cleaner.

NIDEC Brushless Motor

Two kinds of suction modes, free switching.


Two Suction Modes

Easily solve different cleaning needs

Standard Mode (500pa)

Max Mode (1000pa)


750ML Ultra Large Dustbin

No need to clean the dust box frequently.

Three-layer filtration system

Three-layer filter system, effectively intercepting micro particles in the air.

High Performance Filter


Primary Filter


Adjustable water volume

Three volume of water-blocking system, discharged water evenly and the controllable water volume to achieve the best mopping performance.

i-Dropping: Smart Mopping System

Control the water dropping speed precisely

Prevent floor or cable damages

*Note: Don’t forget to put away your carpet before mopping.

Gyroscope Navigation

Accurate scan the clean areas and automatic zoning.

Achieving maximum coverage in less time.


Multiple Cleaning Modes

Zoning Zigzag Path Cleaning

Zoning Auto Cleaning

Designated Area Cleaning

Corner and Edge Cleaning

Cover up to 150 square meters

Working time up to 140 minutes

Schedule Function

Schedule the whole week at a time, clean at the same time every day.


Electric-wall-designated Area

Designated working area and forbidden area clearly. The effective transmitting area is up to 3 meters, set up the place you needed.


OBS Sensor


To prevent the machine falls if the stair is greater than 80mm.


To avoid collide any obstacles when it.

To avoid collide any obstacles when it.

Road-Rover wheels/Floating suction nozzle

RoadRover wheels allow it to pass door-sills or travel over carpet effortlessly and the floating suction nozzle keeps close to the ground at any time.

Floating suction nozzle

Road-Rover wheels







Q1:Do I still need to pay customs duties when shipping from Europe?

According to the EU Policy, custom duty are not included in the item price. If the item is shipped from Spain or Poland, we declare as the actual item price on the package.

Q2: Where is the Israeli warehouse?

The Israeli warehouse is located in Cyprus. We declare product differently depending on the value of the item.

Q3: Can I provide receiver information in local language other than English?

Since the requirement from logistics providers, we need receiver full name and address in English if you selected shipping from China.

Q4: Could it ship to Canary Island?

Due to customs clearance issues, we currently could not ship to Canary Island and other islands, the island with a zip code of 35, 38, 52, 52, please do not place the order, we are welcome buyers place an order other than the places we mentioned above.

Q5: Do I need to provide tax number?

For Brazilian customers, please provide your personal CPFNumber when you placing order.

Q6:Can the robots work on dark carpet?

Like all other robots, the robot vacuum cleaner could not work on the dark floor. If your carpet is dark , machine defaultly as an obstacle and avoid this area .Besides, the robot is designed with double anti-collision, infrared detection and front bumper. The wall and furniture are dark, machine might collide on them due to the miss detection.

Q7: Can I add any detergents to the tank?

Do not add liquids other than clean water to the tank, W400 has specialised detergent Please check ourRobot Accessory List.

Q8: Can I order plug other than US or EU?

Yes, please leave note before placing order, we will send the proper adapter or converter according the receiver’s region.

ILIFE V8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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V8 Plus

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