New White PINJING EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Ultrasonic Automatic Smart Tooth Brush USB Wireless Charge Base Waterproof



EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Main Features:
● High cleaning frequency: max 31,000 times/min
● Help to improve scientific brushing habit: intelligently shake to remind you to change brushing area, and automatically turn off while reaching 2 minutes ( a suggested the best brushing period )
● Round brushing head + arc brushing surface: avoid hurt, deep cleaning includes dead corner
● IPX7 full body waterproof level for direct washing
●About 25 days duration sonic electric toothbrush

● 3 vibration modes: 31,000 times/min, 27,000 times/min, alternate vibration every minute
● RPM: 31,000 times/min or 27,000 times/min electric toothbrush, smart recharge toothbrush

● Battery Information: 700mAh,Charging Time: 16h work time sonic toothbrush

NOTE: SOOCAS had changed the brand name from “SOOCAS SO WHITE” to “SOOCAS PINJING”, But the product is the same. During this period, maybe you will receive one of them, All is ok, please don’t worry.

SOOCAS PINJING EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

31000 times/min wave|50g light-weight body|lasting use 25 days|3 cleaning mode


3 Whiten Cleaning Mode

Standard mode:31,000 vibrations per minute, deep cleansing of teeth, suitable for most people.

Soft mode:27,000 vibrations per minute for people with sensitive gums or first time using electric toothbrushes.

Massage mode:alternate vibrations at different frequencies every minute, gently massage the gums, healthy teeth.

Scientific reminder


Scientific reminder:

The oral cavity is divided into four areas, which are cleaned every 30 seconds, automatically stopped for one second every 30 seconds, automatically stopped after 2 minutes, and remember the last mode.

Adopt American DuPont bristles, moderate hardness, and the top of the bristles is rounded and smooth to prevent abrasion of the gums.

The brush head is designed with soft rubber, To Avoid hurting your mouth when you brush your teeth.

Give your oral a SPA, Enjoy White Teeth

31000 vibrations per minute, It not only can clean the tooth surface with high efficiency, also can form sound wave flow cleaning force, deep brushing dead angle, deep cleaning teeth.

25 Days Duration

● USB wireless charge base, easy used.

● Full charging can be used for about 25 days.

● Use twice a day, two minutes each time, once fully charged, about 25 days can be used.

IPX7 waterproof, the whole body can be washed

Product weight: 0.5000 kg
Package weight: 0.6000 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 3.70 x 9.90 x 25.40 cm / 1.46 x 3.9 x 10 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 4.00 x 10.20 x 25.80 cm / 1.57 x 4.02 x 10.16 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Electric Toothbrush, 1 x Toothbrush Base, 1 x Chinese Manual

EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Additional information


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